A Few EMR and Healthcare IT Blog Recommendations

Posted on November 22, 2010 I Written By

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As you know on the weekend, I try to do my simple posts since most of you are enjoying the weekend like you should.

Today I thought it might be interesting to point to a few different EMR and healthcare IT blog recommendations. This is far from an inclusive list. In fact, I could probably do this every weekend and not repeat the same blog recommendations. Maybe I will! Especially since then as I read various other blogs I can remember to make note of it. So, for this post I’ll start with some popular ones that many people know about.

Fierce EMR – I really like the work that Neil Versel does and Fierce is lucky to have him working on their EMR content.

HIStalk – This is often a bit too hospital focused for my tastes. They do have HIStalk Practice which is more ambulatory focused and has gotten better as Inga’s focused on it more.

Chilmark Research – I really enjoy John’s blog. He does a good job analyzing HIE, EHR and mobile healthcare. The only complaint is that he doesn’t publish enough, but that’s ok. When he does publish it’s almost always an interesting read.

The Health Care Blog – My only complaint about The Health Care blog is that often times it has a lot of posts that aren’t related to health care IT. Although, it does have a strong group of health care IT bloggers that do some great IT and EMR related posts.

Like I said, there are dozens and dozens of other ones. These are a few of the ones that have been around for quite a while doing their thing. I’ll cover some more of the other blogs I enjoy next time. Or you could just keep reading this site and my other blogs (EMR and EHR & The Wired EMR Practice) where I try to write about a lot of the major happenings in the EMR and healthcare IT world.