Needed iPad Feature for Healthcare IT and EHR

Posted on July 6, 2012 I Written By

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As most of you know, in my pre-blogger life I was a tech guy. In healthcare I did top to bottom IT support at a health and counseling center. I dealt with everything from servers to networking to desktop support to project management and everything in between. It was a great job since I was never bored and always had a variety of things to do. Not to go into my entire career history, but just to say that it’s with good reason that I’m @techguy on Twitter. I love tech and always will.

When I think back to my tech support days, I remember one time where we had an influx of cash as part of a big move into a new building. With that move we ordered ~100 new desktop and laptop computers. You can imagine the logistics of deploying this many devices all at once. We had to take over what use to be a conference room in order to make it happen.

One of the keys for myself and my student worker to be able to deploy all of these devices quickly and effectively was desktop imaging software. We installed one computer with all of the necessary applications and other security configurations. Then, we copied that computer to all of the other computers. It made for a wonderfully consistent experience for everyone and made support so much easier. Plus, if and when someone had issues with their desktop computer I’d just restore it back to the original install point.

None of this information will be all that exciting for those tech people reading this blog post. However, most that read this site aren’t that technical and so hopefully it gives some perspective to those readers.

The point of telling this background is that I think it’s one of the major weaknesses of the iPad. Can you reinstall the iPad after use? Can you restore it back to it’s original install point? Sure, if you’re in a solo physician practice or small group then maybe this doesn’t matter as much. However, if you’re in a hospital or large group practice these types of features can be really important to your IT people.

I’ve argued since nearly the beginning of the iPad that the big issue for the iPad in healthcare is the lack of enterprise features. The features described above are just a few simple examples of enterprise features that I’m not sure the iPad will ever support. Sure we’ll still see the iPad in healthcare. We already do see it, but we’ll never see the ubiquitous adoption of iPad in healthcare without these features.

I’m sure that some would suggest that by using a remote desktop application like Citrix you can achieve much of the enterprise features that I mention above and more. Things like security of data are much easier in Citrix. I’m just still skeptical that any remote desktop application can reach the type of iPad usability that a native iPad app can achieve.

I am interested to see how well the new Windows 8 platform will do. The idea of marrying the best of the tablet/iPad world with the best of the desktop world is an interesting idea. We’ll see if they’re able to walk that balance beam and provide that seamless experience across both sides of the aisle.