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National Nurses Day Tribute

Posted on May 6, 2013 I Written By

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Today is National Nurses Day and this week is a celebration of all the amazing nurses in healthcare. I think nurses are the unsung heroes of healthcare. They do an extraordinary job and get very little recognition.

When I think about EMR in general it impacts nurses as much or more than anyone in the clinic. Yet in most cases, nurses have very little involvement in the EMR purchase process. Sure, most places do some sort of meeting with the nurses and they take a little feedback from them, but from my experience they have little involvement in which EMR is chosen.

This means that most nurses just have to deal with whatever EMR their clinic or hospital chooses. Most of them do it with the grace of a nurse.

My favorite nurse story comes from my experience with this wonderful nurse I worked with named Shelley. She is a vivacious and passionate nurse that loved her job. She wasn’t afraid to tell you what she really thought and had a heart as big as I’ve ever seen. Plus, she gave the best bear hugs!

When it came to the idea of going to EMR, Shelley was one of the biggest critics. She was not looking forward to the change and was vocal about it. Despite her and others fear of EMR, we pressed forward. One of the very first days after we implemented the EMR I came into the nurses station where I saw one of the nurses struggling with some EMR function. Next thing I know, EMR averse Shelley is reaching over the nurse’s shoulder and teaching her how to fix her EMR problem. It became a kind of running joke in the clinic that Shelley could go from EMR critic to EMR trainer.

I think this highlights the beauty of so many nurses. First, the ability to adapt to challenging situations. Second, the concern and care for fellow nurses and patients. Shelley was such a great representative of nursing to me.

On this National Nurses Day, I want to honor my friend Shelley and all the other caring, professional, wonderful nurses out there. This video from RWJF highlights the greatness of nurses.

$100K App Challenge to Develop an App for Finding a Hospital or Doctor

Posted on November 9, 2011 I Written By

There are not many things more important than finding a good doctor, and at the same time it can be extremely difficult to find one unless you have lots of friends to ask, or have just had the same doctor your whole life.  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is asking developers to create an app for just that purpose.

Their Aligning Forces Challenge asks developers to, “develop an application that helps patients access better health care using publicly available inpatient and outpatient measures of health care quality from the Aligning Forces program.”

We use the internet and our cell phones for getting reviews on restaurants, cars, and pretty much everything else in our lives, so why not healthcare?  It actually surprises me that there isn’t already a well developed app for this very purpose.  There are obviously the types of reviews that people put on Yahoo and other such sites, but to have an app that is based on real data and not just a personal opinion would be quite valuable in finding a quality healthcare provider.

The details of the competition can be found on their website, and the actual press release can be found here.

This is by far the most money I have seen in an app development competition which says there must be a real need/market for it, and that it should attract some quality talent.  But like most things that are still in development, who knows how long it will be before we actually see it on the market?