Great Story About Value of Healthcare Information

Posted on January 6, 2011 I Written By

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I recently got a message from Jerry Theis of MyCrisisRecords. He sent me a story that I thought was a great way to start off the new year. It talks about the value of health care data interoperability and in this case a device and PHR with a person’s health information. Enjoy the story!

Yesterday, one of my members called me to tell me she was taken to the emergency room suffering combinations of complications caused by a rare condition, Polymorphous along with a flare up of fibromyalgia which caused to her go into cardiac arrest. The ER doctors were able to effectively treat her because she had her digital device which provided them all of her medications, conditions, allergies (she is allergic to latex). Because of this rare condition and her acute distress she was told by the doctors had she not had this device there would have been adverse events, medical errors and it would have been fatal.

The ER doctors read the article I had downloaded in the device about Polymorphous. She, the patient educated the doctors who said they had never treated or seen this rare condition. The ER doctors consulted with Mayo Clinic and an expert on Polymorphous consulted with them and spoke to the patient while reviewing the transmittal of her PHR sent to him. She consented to be injected with a drug that had to be sent from Mayo (2hrs). It relieved her of the severe pain and swelling in her throat.

I share this with you because it meant so much to me to hear her testimonial and how thankful she was and how grateful she said the doctors were about what I created. I am a psychotherapist and she is a patient of mine who has a Bi Polar condition. The doctors said they may have had discarded her presentation because of her psychiatric condition had they not had the complete PHR. Another primary reason why I relentlessly developed this technology, for the special needs populations.