ICD-10 Tuesdays

Posted on November 5, 2013 I Written By

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As promised, today is the start of a series of blog posts I’m calling ICD-10 Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I’m planning to publish a series of blog posts looking at the challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of ICD-10 in the US.

I’ll do this for as long as I have interesting ICD-10 content to publish. I won’t be surprised if the series lasts until close to the ICD-10 implementation date, October 1, 2014. I’ll also be soliciting some outside experts to participate in the series as well.

This blog has always been a learning experience for me and this series will be a continuation of that trend. Hopefully you’ll add to the conversation in the comments of each post. The more perspectives given, the more we all learn. Plus, don’t be shy about suggesting other ICD-10 topics I should cover on our contact us page.

Since my love is technology, most of the posts in the ICD-10 series will touch on the technology aspects of ICD-10 in some way. Plus, I’ll likely highlight some interesting companies and people in the ICD-10 space. I’m already scheduling a Google Plus hangout talking about the ICD-10 workforce that will no doubt be part of the series. In fact, we’ll probably have a number of ICD-10 related videos in the series.

Now that you have the ICD-10 Tuesdays plan, I’ll start the series by saying that many in healthcare aren’t ready for the change. Although, even scarier is the large contingent of healthcare organizations that think they’re ready for ICD-10 and they are not. Hopefully as we dig into each aspect of ICD-10 and how it will impact the entire healthcare cycle, organizations will be made aware of places where they can work on their ICD-10 readiness.

Another topic I’m sure we’ll cover much more in the future is physician readiness for ICD-10. I’ve heard organizations say that they didn’t need to train their physicians for ICD-10. Those organizations are in for a rude awakening. In fact, I’m not too worried about the coders being ready for ICD-10. They know that they have to be able to work with ICD-10 if they want to have a job as a coder. So, they’ll be ready. The same can’t be said for doctors.

There’s a little ICD-10 flavor to get ICD-10 Tuesdays started. Much more to come.