New Philippines EMR, Machine Tasks, and The EMR Impact

Posted on October 28, 2012 I Written By

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I had an interesting experience with healhcare social media that I’m writing up for Hospital EMR and EHR. It had such an impact on me, that I’ve started creating a deep presentation on all of the various benefits of social media in healthcare. It was amazing how quickly I could put together benefits and potential benefits of using social media. With that said, if you have a story or example of how social media has benefited you, patients, others, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to share it on my Contact page if you prefer.

Now on to some interesting insights I’ve found on Twitter related to EMR…

At first when I saw this tweet I kind of rolled my eyes at another EMR software being rolled out. However, as I dug into it more, it seems that this new EMR is marketing to the Phillipines physicians. Maybe I’m wrong on this assumption, but the press release and the peso pricing seem to indicate this.

I’ll admit that I’m not that familiar with the Phillipines EMR market, but I’m always interested to see how an EMR is going forward in another country. I had a discussion on Friday with someone from India who told me, the concepts of privacy and security of health information is not even considered in many parts of India. I guess when you live on very little, you don’t have anything to lose if your health information isn’t kept private. It was an interesting thing I’d like to learn more about.

Dr. Webster is always pulling out special tweets that cause me to think. This is no different. We need to delve a lot deeper into which EMR processes are best done by humans and which are best done by machines.

This made me laugh so hard because of the impact it’s had on the doctor. Reminds me of my post back in 2009 that called EHR the Heart of a Practice. This tweet is a great example of this, but it’s also interesting to observe how the EMR does funny things with the mind as well.