The Move to Cloud EHR

Posted on August 21, 2012 I Written By

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I’m pretty sure that many people missed the announcement that Amazing Charts now offers a Cloud EHR. For those who don’t eat, sleep and breathe EHR like me, you probably don’t realize that this is a pretty significant announcement on Amazing Charts part and I think represents a larger shift in the EHR industry.

I know the SaaS EHR purists will say that not all “Cloud EHR” are created equal. This is highlighted in the Amazing Charts press release where it says “without a web browser.” It’s an ironic statement when you consider that most SaaS EHR happily say, “with only a web browser.” (Although, the web browser only EHR software companies should read this post by Dr. West) However, my goal here isn’t to highlight the various nuances of hosted or cloud EHR software.

Instead, I wish to highlight how one of the popular, established, client server EHR software vendors was getting enough requests from doctors for a hosted EHR solution that they now offer a cloud based EHR. The reality is that many physician practices want to have to deal with as little IT support as possible. This is the major reason I’ve heard over and over again that many practices want to have a hosted EHR.

It’s worth pointing out that Amazing Charts focuses on the small physician practice market. It’s always been clear that the larger physician practices or hospital owned practices have better capabilities and a greater interest in hosting their EHR in house. While there are strengths and weaknesses to a hosted EHR vs an in house EHR, the hosted EHR is the compelling choice for the IT averse clinic.

Very soon we’re going to see almost all new EHR installs in small ambulatory practices using some sort of hosted EHR software. This doesn’t necessarily spell the death of client server EHR software. Many large practices will continue using and implementing client server EHR software. Not to mention many long time EHR users will continue with their existing client server installs. However, the shift to hosted EHR is happening and will start to really pick up pace in the next couple years.

Full Disclosure: Amazing Charts is an advertiser on this site, but they didn’t know I was doing this post.