Does Your EMR Vendor Love You?

Posted on March 4, 2009 I Written By

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In a recent thread over at EMRUpdate (best EMR forum out there) someone made the assertion that the reason that so many doctors hate EMR is because far too many vendors are focused on making the quick buck rather than providing EMR purchasers TLC (Tender Loving Care). The poster then espoused one EMR vendor has having TLC for purchasers of their EMR.

After espousing other EMR vendors who love their customers, that EMR vendor then posted the following comment about his EMR, loving customers and the EMR industry:

This business is tough and tough for many reasons. Now that the smell of money is permeating the air with Obama’s HIT initiative, it will be like sharks in a feeding frenzy. Anybody and everybody will try to enter the market and makes lots of marketing noise with new venture capital money (if there is any left out there!).

There is no clear cut “best EMR”. We cater more to physicians who expect that there will be work and some level of frustration in going to a paperless record. We attract physicians who are willing to (and frankly want) to put in the infrastructure to have control over their EMR (read: buy a server, put in a network). Our users are those who intuitively understand that there is no software in the world which will replace their paper-filled processes with nary a hint of change. Their intuition also tells them that there is no EMR that can duplicate their level of skill……there will have to be some tweaking of templates and clinical content.

So I love our customers. That is no secret, but I love them because we can work together to build a better solution. They provide lots of feedback, are patient (most of the time), are thoughtful, are goal oriented, are smart, are owners (and managers) of their practice. Their decisions stand (ie, get outta Dodge if you aren’t on-board with an EMR I can hear them saying to a foot-dragging staff member). Others need not apply.

In short, Medtuity is not for the masses of physicians. Our phone rings pretty much non-stop…..and that is also why Obama’s HIT plan will fail. It takes too much caring.

Kind of rare to find such stark honesty in the EMR industry. An EMR vendor who actually tells doctors that there’s going to be “work and some level of frustration in going to a paperless record.” Reminds me of a loving father trying to prepare a child for the future heartache they are sure to experience. Sounds like an EMR vendor love to me.

Does your EMR vendor love you?