EHR Readiness Questions

Posted on July 15, 2011 I Written By

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In my interest of highlighting more EHR bloggers, I found this post by Ron Sterling on EHR Outlook quite interesting. In his post, Ron highlights a number of questions a clinic should ask itself to know if it’s ready for an EHR implementation. Here are the questions he lists:
* Does your EHR effort have physician support?
* Are you prepared to address ongoing problems?
* Is your budget practical?
* Does your EHR support your current workflow and operations?
* Will your existing computer Infrastructure support an EHR?
* Have you gotten your paper records ready?

Check out the original post for Ron’s thoughts on each question and why that question is important. I think it’s a pretty good list to consider. I especially like the second question that addresses whether you’re willing and able to address ongoing problems. That’s a hard one to evaluate, but understanding how your organization addresses issues is very important. You don’t want to start thinking about that once you’re in the heat of an EHR implementation.

I’d also suggest a couple more questions:
* Why are you implementing an EHR?
* What are your plans for your medical practice and will the EHR you choose be impacted by those plans?

Making sure that a clinic is EHR ready is brutally important. Trying to implement an EHR in a clinic that’s not ready almost always turns into a nightmare experience for everyone involved.