EHR Certification Results Published – Meaningful Use Monday

Posted on September 17, 2012 I Written By

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We haven’t done many posts recently about EHR certification which is an integral part of getting to the Meaningful Use promised land. Although, when I read this post by EHR certification expert, Jim Tate, I thought it was worthy of pointing out and starting some discussion on the EHR certification requirements. Here’s a quote from the post that I found quite interesting:

Please allow me to report one final nuance to all this… A vendor can apply for 2011 Edition certification after 10/04/2012 but they will pay a price. They will be exposed to new ONC certification requirements: ”We also require that test results used for EHR technology certification be made publicly available” and “we require that ONC-ACBs ensure that EHR technology developers include in their marketing materials and communications notification to potential purchasers any additional types of costs that an EP, EH, or CAH would pay to implement their certified Complete EHR or certified EHR Module in order to attempt to meet MU objectives and measures”.

I find the idea that the ONC-ACBs have to publish the EHR certification test results quite interesting. What I’m not sure is whether this will really provide much value to those evaluating an EHR company. I know Jim Tate reads this blog and so hopefully he can chime in with any knowledge he has about the subject. Although, I wonder if the results that an ONC-ACB posts about an EHR will provide little value. Will the report essentially be a pass/fail report or will it provide more detailed information about what was found during the EHR certification process? Do we know what these reports will look like?

The later comment that requires an EHR company to disclose additional types of costs is quite intriguing. No doubt there are many EHR companies that have hid behind their hidden EHR costs in the past, so I love the requirement. I’m just not sure what enforcement mechanisms are available to ensure that EHR companies are following this requirement. Are their penalties for not doing this? Is there a reporting mechanism to report marketing that doesn’t follow this? As we all know, a rule without enforcement and penalties isn’t much of a rule at all.