EMR and Physician Time, EMR Humor, GE User Group, and EMR Sales

Posted on April 22, 2012 I Written By

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Lots of interesting discussions happening about EMR and healthcare IT this week. Someone recently called it the golden age of EHR. It’s really hard to argue with them. I’ve only been in the healthcare IT and EHR world for the past 7 or so years, but it has never been more exciting than now. There’s an energy and excitement that is tangible. I just hope it takes us to an even more exciting time.

Now, without further ado, some of the various EMR, EHR and healthcare IT tweets that I found interesting or worth a comment:

While I’ve certainly seen what this tweet describes, I don’t think it has to be the case. It depends a lot on how the EMR is used and how the EMR is implemented.

Oh my…I’m a total nerd for loving the EMR humor.

I know nothing about Wyse, but seeing this tweet had me disappointed. I asked to attend the Centricity User group meeting (hosted by a third party, not GE), and never got access. It’s too bad. I can almost understand some concern (albeit unwarranted) of having a blogger at their user group meeting, but a third party should have been glad to have the exposure. Pretty disappointing since I love going to user group meetings so I can talk to the hard core every day EMR users. Oh well, I’m sure there will be more.

Only 14%? That number seems really low. Plus, it’s hard to believe any number unless a specific EHR company releases their growth, but even then you have to be careful understanding where they got that number. If they only have 1 EMR install, then it’s easy to grow 500%.