EHR Adoption Rates, MU Stage 2 Delayed, and IE vs Chrome for EMR

Posted on December 4, 2011 I Written By

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As is now tradition. Some EMR and EHR tweets that are of interest this weekend.

James Lineberger
2011 EHR Adoption Rates #EHR #EMR #Health IT

They put EHR adoption at about 50%. Remember these numbers are from the CDC. I think they’re being generous. I’d still put adoption at about 25-30%

HHS extends MU Stage 2 deadline to spur faster EMR adoption | Healthcare IT News:

I know I wrote about this before. Now it’s official. So, I guess there is some small advantage to showing meaningful use in 2011 instead of waiting until 2012. Although, not much.

Now a great series of tweets that discuss the bain of many IT people’s existence: IE

C. Onyeije, M.D. MFM
I still can’t believe why ANYONE would use Internet Explorer (unless they were forced to by IT geeks at gunpoint…)

Faisal Qureshi
@chukwumaonyeije …or EMR vendors that use the IE engine within their own app

C. Onyeije, M.D. MFM
@faisal_q Funny that you should mention… I’m working with a hospital based EMR that goes NUTS in Chrome. #EMRFail …

The internet would be a lot better if IE weren’t around. Yes, I’m a huge Chrome fan myself.