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Creating Loyalty in Healthcare – #HITsm Chat Topic

Posted on July 24, 2018 I Written By

John Lynn is the Founder of the blog network which currently consists of 10 blogs containing over 8000 articles with John having written over 4000 of the articles himself. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 16 million times. John also manages Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today, the leading career Health IT job board and blog. John is co-founder of and John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can also be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit and LinkedIn.

We’re excited to share the topic and questions for this week’s #HITsm chat happening Friday, 7/27 at Noon ET (9 AM PT). This week’s chat will be hosted by Sunny Tara (@SunnyTaraVegas) and Janae Sharp (@coherencemed) from @CareCognitics on the topic of “Creating Loyalty in Healthcare“.

In the current healthcare landscape, one element that’s really missing is loyalty. We’ve all heard the stories of how the next generation of patients is much more likely to switch doctors. It seems that loyalty is hard to find in healthcare today.

The reality for most healthcare organizations and payers is that they didn’t have to worry too much about loyalty in the past. However, as the internet has empowered patients, creating patient loyalty is going to become extremely important.

Creating loyalty in healthcare is really challenging. In many cases, patients are going to their doctors who then tell them bad news. The same is true with insurance companies who are often the bearer of bad news to patients. How then can you transform these bad experiences and still build loyalty?

We (Sunny Tara and the team at CareCognitics) saw a similar challenge in the casino industry. Many of the casino patrons would come and lose a lot of money. Despite common thought, Casinos don’t want you to lose a lot of money because then you’ll have a bad experience and stop coming to that hotel which must be “unlucky.” To transform the patron’s experience, we used a combination of rewards and unique VIP experiences that turn the bad experience into a good one. Doesn’t this sound like some of what we need to do for patients in healthcare?

Join us for this week’s #HITsm chat where we’ll discuss loyalty in healthcare and what experiences we can offer patients to change these bad experiences into good ones and generate more loyalty. We hope you’ll come and share your good and bad experiences so we can all learn how to improve the patient experience.

Topics for this week’s #HITsm Chat:

T1: Describe the best experience you had (or that you heard about) in healthcare that created loyalty. #HITsm

T2: Describe the best consumer experience you had in your life outside healthcare that created loyalty. #HITsm

T3: What types of experiences, services, technology, etc would create loyalty for you in healthcare? #HITsm

T4: What types of experiences, services, technology, etc damage your loyalty in healthcare? #HITsm

T5: Should we be creating loyalty to doctors, hospitals, health systems, payers, HIT services? Why or why not? #HITsm

Bonus: What can employers do or are they doing to create employee loyalty? #HITsm

Upcoming #HITsm Chat Schedule
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8/10 – What Does It Take to Be a Successful Healthcare Entrepreneur?
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8/17 – The Cost Savings Opportunities on the Business Side of Healthcare
Hosted by Don Lee (@dflee30) and @CAQH

8/24 – TBD
Hosted by Colton Ortolf (@ColtonOrtolf)

We look forward to learning from the #HITsm community! As always, let us know if you’d like to host a future #HITsm chat or if you know someone you think we should invite to host.

If you’re searching for the latest #HITsm chat, you can always find the latest #HITsm chat and schedule of chats here.

CareSync Shutdown and CareSync Alternatives

Posted on July 13, 2018 I Written By

John Lynn is the Founder of the blog network which currently consists of 10 blogs containing over 8000 articles with John having written over 4000 of the articles himself. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 16 million times. John also manages Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today, the leading career Health IT job board and blog. John is co-founder of and John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can also be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit and LinkedIn.

I’ve been watching the shutdown of CareSync a little closer than I do most healthcare IT startup companies. Partially because it happened so quickly and partially because I’m an advisor to CareCognitics which has a CCM (Chronic Care Management – 99490) offering as part of their suite of healthcare loyalty products. So, I’m totally biased in this situation.

With that said, I thought that CareCognitics captured my feelings about CareSync shutting down really well. Here’s an excerpt from their post:

For companies like ours that work in the Chronic Care Management (CCM) space, it was big news this week that CareSync was shutting down their offices and laying off employees. The details of why this happened aren’t clear, but it’s unfortunate that such a well-respected company is shutting down. Our hearts go out to all the employees that lost their jobs and we hope that many of their skills and expertise can find a home at CareCognitics. The work we are doing is too important to let that talent go to waste.

The most heartbreaking part of CareSync shutting down is all of the patients that will miss out on the special care they receive from the CCM program. We see such tremendous opportunity and success with chronic care management and so we hope that CareSync’s customers will continue their chronic care management efforts and possibly even find new opportunities to take them to an even greater level.

Read the full post for more details. Obviously, I think CareCognitics is a good home for CareSync users who are looking to continue their CCM efforts but want to do so in the EHR which they control and will always have access to in the event of issues.

It really is unfortunate that one of the biggest names in the CCM space shutdown. I hope that those that are part of the company will share their learnings with the rest of healthcare since managing chronic conditions is such an important thing for healthcare to become what it needs to become. I know a number of them are going around trying to share what they can with others and I’ve talked to a few myself.

While painful, the good news for CareSync users is that there are plenty of alternative CCM companies out there. It won’t be fun to switch companies, but there are CareSync alternatives. It also seems that the Tampa Bay tech community has rallied to help many of the CareSync employees. That’s a good thing even though I’m sure some will still have challenges ahead as they search for a new job.

Does all of this mean that healthcare organizations should stop working with startup companies?

Of course not. If you’ve ever bought a product from a big company, you know that big companies can shut products down just as easily (and in some cases more easily) than a startup company. However, you should be thoughtful about which startup companies you work with and keep in mind the risks associated with working with startups.

Here are some questions and thoughts you should consider as you buy a product from a startup company. What’s the track record of the founding team? Worry less about how much money they’ve raised and how efficiently they’re using that money. People are expensive and that impacts what those of us in the startup world call burn rate. How much money you’ve raised doesn’t matter if you have too high of a burn rate. The best startup companies learn how to balance this effectively. This is sometimes hard to understand from the outside, but is possible if you dig enough. It’s also one reason why 2nd time entrepreneurs are often more successful. They’ve learned how to manage their burn rate effectively.

Other questions you should consider is “What happens if this company shuts down?” It’s never a bad idea to have a backup plan if things go awry like they did at CareSync. This question is also best asked before selecting a vendor. As CareSync users evaluate new CCM companies, this is a great question to ask. The answer to the question may determine which company you get in bed with for your chronic care management efforts.

Outside partners are essential to a healthcare organizations success. It’s just impossible for a healthcare organization to do 100% of what they need to accomplish in house. This is especially true for larger healthcare organizations. So, finding the right partners needs to be a key part of your strategy. Make sure your strategy includes what will happen if you choose the wrong partner. However, the great thing is that if you choose the right partner, you’ll benefit as that partner grows and enhances what you’re doing over time.

As was mentioned in today’s #HITsm chat, “We’re not buying from a vendor; we’re marrying them.”

Connecting and Meeting Up with People at #HIMSS18

Posted on February 14, 2018 I Written By

John Lynn is the Founder of the blog network which currently consists of 10 blogs containing over 8000 articles with John having written over 4000 of the articles himself. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 16 million times. John also manages Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today, the leading career Health IT job board and blog. John is co-founder of and John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can also be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit and LinkedIn.

The 2018 HIMSS Annual Conference is just over 3 weeks away. For those not familiar with the event, it’s the behemoth of healthcare IT conferences which brings together 40,00-50,000 attendees and 1300 exhibitors at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. It’s a week long healthcare IT extravaganza where you can connect with a wide variety of people from across the industry. However, it can no doubt be overwhelming for those attending for the first time (or even the 20th time for that matter).

If you talk to anyone who attends conferences regularly, they usually comment that the best part of the conference is spending time engaging with attendees and learning from their experience. This idea resonated so much with me that last year I decided to put together a series of meetups at HIMSS17. It was a smashing success of engagement, learning, and connection. After that success, we’re back with a wonderful schedule of meetups at HIMSS18 as well.

These meetups are open discussions. We generally feature a panel of influencers, thought leaders, and all-around interesting people who can make sure everyone gets a lot of value from the meetup. However, we want you to get involved as well. At these meetups, we encourage questions and comments from the audience so we can all learn and share with each other. We hope you’ll join us to share your insights, experiences, and perspectives and learn from others in the community.

So, without further ado, here’s our schedule of meetups at the HIMSS 2018 Annual Conference! Only the New Media Meetup requires registration. All of the rest you can just show up and attend.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 HIMSS Meetups

Physician Communication Meetup
Tuesday, 3/6, 11:00-11:45 AM at the Voalte Booth #7131
Coordinating communication among care teams is a challenge every hospital faces. One of the most difficult aspects is how to manage physician communication. Bringing physicians into the care team communication loop can improve care, lower costs and increase efficiency. Join Danielle Siarri (@innonurse), Shahid Shah (@ShahidNShah), Angela Kauffman (@Voalte), Andrew Burchett, DO (@drandrew76), Candace Capps (@lbsolutions), and Colin Hung (@Colin_Hung) for a discussion about the challenges of physician communication and how to overcome them.

Consumer Solutions for a Positive, Healthier Patient Experience Meetup
Tuesday, 3/6, 12:50-1:35 PM at the MEDITECH Booth #1360

Do your patients feel connected to their physicians and other healthcare providers? Do they feel they are being listened to, and do they have access to the information they need to stay healthy and engaged? Join this meetup with Helen Waters (@HelenMEDITECH), Andrew Burchett, DO (@drandrew76), Max Stroud (@MMaxwellStroud), Lygeia Ricciardi (@Lygeia), Randy McCleese (@McCleeseRandy), and John Lynn (@techguy) where we’ll discuss how the MEDITECH patient portal and MHealth Apps keep patients informed and connected using features like direct appointment booking, provider messaging, integration with wearables, online questionnaires, and more. We’ll also talk about embedded video visits and how they provide patients with a personal and convenient means of interacting with their own physicians.

Data Hygiene in Healthcare: The First Step to Getting Value Out of Your Data Meetup
Tuesday, 3/6, 2:00-2:45 PM at the DellEMC Booth #3613

Digital transformation is happening in healthcare. With digitization, comes automation. With automation comes more applications. With more applications, comes more data. ‘Dirty data’ might cost you more than you realize…especially when it’s stored in legacy applications that are not managed well. Join the discussion with David Dimond (@NextGenHIT), Dan Trott (@DanTrottDell), Geeta Nayyar, MD (@gnayyar), Linda Stotsky (@EMRAnswers), Michael Joseph (@HealthData4All), James Lowey (@loweyj), Dr. Nick van Terheyden (@drnic1), Michael Archuleta (@Michael81082), and John Lynn (@techguy) and share your insights into this important topic.

HIMSS Social Media Ambassador Meetup
Tuesday, 3/6, 3:00-3:45 PM at the HIMSS Spot, Level 2, Lobby C

We’re honored that two of Healthcare Scene’s bloggers, @colin_hung and @coherencemed, were selected as 2 of 20 HIMSS Social Media Ambassadors. This is a select group of some of the most influential people in healthcare IT social media. This meetup organized by HIMSS will bring together the 20 social media ambassadors to talk about insights into healthcare IT, HIMSS18, and social media.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 HIMSS Meetups

Data Innovation: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – it’s happening… Meetup
Wednesday, 3/7, 11:00-11:45 AM at the DellEMC Booth #3613

It’s no secret, the healthcare industry has an (over) abundance of data. There are lots of mergers/acquisitions and consolidations taking place in the industry which only complicates matters and intensifies the playing field. There is likely a ton of analysis that’s not currently being done that could potentially provide better insights and results for healthcare organizations—their doctors, researchers, and patients. Now that we have the data, how do we make it useful? How can we deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies into driving better results in a healthcare environment? How do you take the data and make it actionable? We invite you to join Geeta Nayyar, MD (@gnayyar), Dr. Nick van Terheyden (@drnic1), James Lowey (@loweyj), Michael Archuleta (@Michael81082), and John Lynn (@techguy) to discuss this hot topic.

#HITsm and #hcldr Picture and Meetup
Wednesday, 3/7, 12:15-12:45 PM (or however long people hang out) in the Sands Lobby downstairs by the large HIMSS sign/statue

This year we decided to keep things really simple for our #HITsm and #hcldr meetup at HIMSS 2018. Join us by the massive HIMSS letters/statue/sign to take a community picture with the sign and then mix and mingle with members of the #HITsm and #hcldr communities. We’ll plan to take the picture about 12:30 and then the rest of the time we’ll just enjoy seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and finally meeting some people who feel like old friends that we’re just meeting for the first time.

Finding the Right Mix of Human and Tech in a Unified Communication Strategy Meetup
Wednesday, 3/7, 1:00-1:45 PM at the Stericycle Communication Solutions Booth #859

Creating an effective unified communication strategy in healthcare requires an effective balance between human and tech.  Do you prefer to call and schedule an appointment or schedule one online?  The challenge in healthcare is the answer to that question depends on the patient.  Sometimes a phone call is necessary while other times the ability to schedule an appointment online is much more convenient.  Join Sarah Bennight (@SarahBennight), Janae Sharp (@CoherenceMed), Brian Mack (@BFMack), Melody Smith (@TheSameMel), and John Lynn (@techguy) as we discuss an effective unified communication strategy that incorporates both humans and technology.

New Media Meetup
Wednesday, 3/7, 6:00-8:00 PM at Senor Frogs (Inside Treasure Island Casino across the street from Venetian)
This is the 9th annual New Media Meetup at HIMSS. This event brings together most of the influential people in Healthcare IT social media and a wide variety of influencers, journalists, bloggers and readers as well. Plus, thanks to our sponsor, CareCognitics, we’ll have food, drinks, a DJ, and some killer giveaways. This event does require you to register to attend, so please be sure to register if you plan to join us.

Thursday, March 8, 2018 HIMSS Meetups

How AI Will Impact the Patient Experience Meetup
Thursday, 3/8, 10:00-10:45 AM at the Pegasystems Booth #11336

We’re seeing AI (Artificial Intelligence) applied throughout healthcare, but one of the most exciting areas we’re seeing AI make a difference is in the patient experience.  What do patients expect?  How can AI be used to meet patients expectations?  What are the benefits and challenges of using AI with patients?  Join Susan Taylor (@pega), Chuck Webster, MD (@wareFLO), Tamara StClaire (@drstclaire), Prashant Natarajan (@natarpr), and Colin Hung (@Colin_Hung) as we look at the impact AI will have on the patient experience.

How’s that look for an incredible schedule of HIMSS 2018 meetups? We can’t wait to welcome you to Vegas and enjoy incredible engagement and knowledge sharing with those of you in the Healthcare IT and HIMSS18 community.

Voalte, MEDITECH, DellEMC, Stericycle Communication Solutions, Pegasystems, and CareCognitics are all sponsors of Healthcare Scene .

9th Annual New Media Meetup During #HIMSS18 Sponsored by CareCognitics

Posted on January 25, 2018 I Written By

John Lynn is the Founder of the blog network which currently consists of 10 blogs containing over 8000 articles with John having written over 4000 of the articles himself. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 16 million times. John also manages Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today, the leading career Health IT job board and blog. John is co-founder of and John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can also be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit and LinkedIn.

For those of you planning to attend the HIMSS 2018 conference in Las Vegas, I’m excited to share the details of the 9th Annual New Media Meetup at HIMSS. For those who’ve missed the last 8 events, it’s a unique meetup that brings together healthcare IT bloggers, media professionals, tweeters, and other social media influencers at the mecca of Healthcare IT conferences.

We’re excited to continue in our 9th year the tradition of bringing together some of the most influential people in healthcare IT in one space. While social media continues to change, what hasn’t changed is how many incredible connections happen on social media and how much fun we have meeting in person at the New Media Meetup during HIMSS. We’re lucky to have CareCognitics supporting our efforts to bring together the best HIMSS18 healthcare IT influencers at this incredible event. I hope everyone will spend some time checking out CareCognitics and thank them for sponsoring the event.

If you’d like to attend the event, please make sure you register.

Here’s a quick summary of the event details:
When: Wednesday 3/7 6:00-8:00 PM
Where: Senor Frogs, 3300 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 MAP (Senor Frogs is inside Treasure Island Casino, a short walk across the street from the Venetian/Sands.)
Who: Anyone who uses or is interested in New Media (Blogs, Twitter, Social Media, YouTube Live, Facebook, etc) or works in media
What: Food, Drinks, Dance Floor, Giveaways, and Amazing People

Register Is Now Closed!  See you in Las Vegas!

Sponsored by CareCognitics

CareCognitics is a digital health company with a focus to improve quality of care for people with chronic conditions through the use of data science and patient engagement. We provide turnkey solution where our experienced clinical teams, augmented by our patented technology platform uses machine learning algorithms that enables physicians to deliver personalized care at scale. We transform patients into active participants with monthly care summaries, personalized care recommendations and encouragement when they take preventative steps to stay on plan.

The net result is better health outcomes, lower administrative costs and a more enduring connection between physicians and their patients. As a result, our customers (Physician groups) have experienced:

  • 70% enrollment in the chronic program versus industry average of single digits.
  • 30% increase in the quality scores (GPRO) in the first 6 months
  • 20% to 85% on average increase in annual wellness visits
  • 75% open rate on patient communication versus industry average of 22%
  • 200K net revenue increase for physician group with 1000 eligible CCM patients

Learn more at:

Those interested in the New Media Meetup at HIMSS will want to check out the 3 day Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference that we’re hosting in New Orleans April 4-6, 2018. It’s a special 3 days devoted to health IT marketing and PR professionals.

Plus, we’re excited to announce a brand new healthcare IT conference called Health IT Expo. This conference is focused on practical health IT innovation and is happening May 30-June 1, 2018 in New Orleans.

A really big thank you also goes out to all the members of Healthcare Scene that help promote the New Media Meetup. This event was originally brought together through social media and is still largely organized thanks to social media.

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to welcome you to Las Vegas very soon!