Happy Mother’s Day, Telemedicine Edition

Posted on May 11, 2014 I Written By

Kyle is CoFounder and CEO of Pristine, a VC backed company based in Austin, TX that builds software for Google Glass for healthcare, life sciences, and industrial environments. Pristine has over 30 healthcare customers. Kyle blogs regularly about business, entrepreneurship, technology, and healthcare at kylesamani.com.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d write a post highlighting how telemedicine can benefit mothers caring for their children.

Many children can get up to 6 ear infections per a year. Everytime it happens, children complain, and inevitably mothers take their kids to the pediatrician. In most cases, the mother already knows what the problem is (because it’s frequent and easy to diagnose), but yet she has to drag her child to the doctor, leave the kid in a room full of other sick children for half an hour, only to spend 5 minutes with the pediatrician to get a prescription for antibiotics. Then she has to drive with her child to the pharmacy to pickup the medications, and then get her child back home. Meanwhile, she’s falling behind on work.

What a pain. I can’t imagine fighting that battle even once per year, let alone 6 times!

Healthcare shouldn’t be hard. And in my cases, such as the pediatric ear infection, it’s not. What if mothers bought a Cellscope, took a picture of her child’s ear, sent it to her doctor, then received antibiotics from PillPack the next day? Or better yet, what if the medications arrived via drone delivery within an hour?

I’m optimistic that 10 Mother’s Days from now, moms across the country won’t have to deal with so much frustration to solve what is such a simple problem.