Happy Labor Day!

Posted on September 7, 2015 I Written By

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I must admit that I know very little of the history of Labor Day. Unlike Memorial Day or Fourth of July, I’ve never really celebrated anything special on Labor Day. It was just a day off school. Although, I found this page outlining Labor Day and it has a much richer history than I think most of us appreciate. I’m not sure that’s really going to change. Plus, it use to kind of mark the start of Football season, but that’s no longer the case since we had a full weekend of football already.

I think most of these holidays are somewhat sore points in many healthcare organizations since many healthcare workers are still at work. You can’t really shut down a hospital for the holiday. I’ve heard of all the competition there is to get holidays off. So, on these holidays I always take a moment to think about all the dedicated healthcare professionals that are still working to provide amazing care for patients.

On this Labor Day I’m thinking of the value of work. It’s something I’m trying to instill in my kids. It’s something I love. My wife was talking to some of our friends about me and the work I do and one of them said, “John will never stop working. If he finishes one project, he’ll be starting up the next project.” I think they’re right. I love working on stuff and I can’t imagine I’ll ever stop. The only thing that might change is what I’ll work on.

Over the past 10 years blogging, I’ve realized that I love creating things. I’m still amazed that a nobody in Las Vegas (that’s me) could build a blog network like I’ve done with Healthcare Scene that reaches so many people. Some people would look at the 8000+ blog posts that have been done on the network and think that’s a lot of work. I guess it kind of is, but I don’t look at it that way. Looking back the numbers surprise me too since it certainly hasn’t felt like that much work. I realize I’ve been given the gift of finding joy in monotonous and mundane things. Not to mention a bullheaded determination to finish something I’ve started.

I’m kind of rambling, but that’s what I love about posts on Holidays. Long story short, I never see myself stopping as a blogger. It’s too much fun to make a difference in people’s lives. Plus, it’s now just a part of who I am. Hopefully you’ll keep reading and supporting what we do for as long as we do it. Plus, I’m really excited to see where we take all the things we’ve started doing with Periscope, Blabs, YouTube/G+ Hangouts and podcasts.

Happy Labor Day!