The Newest Company to Take on Healthcare IT

Posted on April 1, 2015 I Written By

John Lynn is the Founder of the blog network which currently consists of 10 blogs containing over 8000 articles with John having written over 4000 of the articles himself. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 16 million times. John also manages Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today, the leading career Health IT job board and blog. John is co-founder of and John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can also be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit and LinkedIn.

We’ve been working on this for years, and it’s now finally come together just in time for HIMSS 2015. However, we couldn’t wait to announce it. This new company is the coming together of the top leaders in healthcare social media. Imagine if the #HIT100 all worked for one company. That’s basically what we’ve put together in this new healthcare IT company.

This new Healthcare IT company can cover any of your healthcare IT needs. For example, what kind of healthcare social media dream team would it be if we didn’t have @MandiBPro working with us. She’s the lead data geek, but her official title is Mythical Unicorn #1. If you need an XML schema merge, she’s your gal. However, what would a data geek be without a well thought out workflow? For all your healthcare workflow needs we’ve brought in @wareFLO. He’s ready and willing to solve all of your workflow challenges. No seriously. @wareFLO puts himself to sleep at night by counting the workflows.

I won’t go into all the details of who’s doing what at this new company, but here’s a quick look at some of the amazing people, titles, and skills we’ve brought together to satisfy all your needs:
@HealthcareWen – Chief of the Tweets
@2healthguru – Making You Look Good on Camera
@drnic1 – Resident CMO
@michnoteboom – Inga the Storyteller
@techguy – Chief Whipping Boy
@CariMclean – Lead Meme Creator (also lead Ballerina)
@john_chilmark – Head of Snark and Reality Checks
@Brad_Justus – ICD-10 Whisperer (He starts October 1st)
@HLSgirl – Rapper Queen B (see this..nuff said)
@sarahbennight – Chief Happiness Officer
@Greg_Meyer93 – Push Up Challenge Coordinator
@FarzadsBowtie – Chief Style Coordinator (HIT Never looked so good)
@askjoyrios – Customer Service Master (Could she ever be mean? Answer: NO! That’s why she handles the customers.)
@Colin_Hung – International Lead (Assuming you consider Canada international)
@HITConfGuy – Chief Health IT Conference Coordinator
@laurencstill – Chief Useless (but necessary) Documentation Creator

You might be asking yourself, who’s the leader of this group of healthcare IT social media misfits? The answer is simple: no one. We believe in the principles of Holocracy and so there’s no need for a specific leader. We all just do our work and everyone’s happy. Sounds nice doesn’t it?

I’m sure you’re all thinking to yourself, how do I get a job at this new company? I want to work with this amazing cornucopia of people! We’ll be hiring healthcare IT professionals soon.

Without further ado, I’m excited to officially announce the launch of #FoolHIT. If there’s an HIT problem, Yo, we’ll solve it. Check out our social stats while my Hootsuite revolves it. HIT HIT Baby…To Go…HIT HIT Baby To Go To go. (Yes, that’s our theme song.)

We’ll see if the company lasts until tomorrow.

UPDATE: I think this is pretty apparent, but just in case…this was just an April Fool’s Day post. Although, how fun would it be to work with all these amazing people?