Six Reality Checks of HIPAA Compliance

Posted on April 23, 2014 I Written By

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Between Windows XP causing HIPAA compliance issues and the risk associated with the risk assessment required by meaningful use, many in healthcare are really waking up to the HIPAA compliance requirements. Certainly there’s always been an overtone of HIPAA compliance in the industry, but its one thing to think about HIPAA compliance and another to be HIPAA compliant.

This whitepaper called HIPAA Compliance: 6 Reality Checks is a great wake up call to those that feel they have nothing to worry about when it comes to HIPAA. While many are getting ready, there are still plenty that need a reality check when it comes to HIPAA compliance.

Here’s a look at why everyone could likely benefit from a HIPAA reality check:
(1) Data breaches are a constant threat
(2) OCR audits reveal health care providers are not in compliance
(3) Workforce members pose a significant risk for HIPAA liability
(4) Patients are aware of their right to file a complaint
(5) OCR is increasing its focus on HIPAA enforcement
(6) HIPAA Compliance is not an option, it’s LAW

Obviously, the whitepaper goes into a lot more detail on each of these areas. As I look through the list, what seems clear to me is that HIPAA compliance is a problem. Every organization should ask themselves the following questions:

Are we HIPAA compliant?

What are you doing to mitigate the risk of a breach or HIPAA violation?

When I look at the 6 Reality Checks details in the whitepaper, I realize that everyone could benefit from a harder look at their HIPAA compliance. A little bit of investment now, could save a lot of heartache later.