EMR Workforce Shortage

Posted on May 14, 2013 I Written By

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One of the longest running conversations we’ve had on this site is the shortage of qualified EMR workers. It’s a discussion that quite frankly is difficult on many levels. On the one hand you have the hospitals and clinics who are suffering because they can’t find the right people to work on their EMR. On the other hand, you have the unemployed but experienced IT worker that’s trying to crack into the healthcare IT and EMR world.

This later group breaks my heart about once a week. There stories and efforts trying to find a job in healthcare IT are hard for me to take. Sadly, I haven’t figured out a way to help them beyond pointing them to our EMR and EHR Job board which appears in the sidebar of each of our sites. Otherwise, I’m not sure how to bridge the gap between the EHR workforce shortage that many people describe and those looking for jobs in the EHR world.

Although, I was reading something recently that opened my eyes a little bit to why I hear two sides of the same story. This is what I read:

There’s always a shortage of the perfect worker.

This is a challenging idea to consider, but an important one. There are only a handful of perfect workers out there for each situation, so of course there’s a shortage of that talent. Plus, it’s amazing how the perfect workers always seem to have work. Yes, there are a few exceptions and much of job hunting is about timing and location. However, I wonder if the EHR shortage that many describe is the lack of the perfect worker and not an actual EHR worker shortage.

I thought it would be interesting to have a poll to see what people think about the EMR workforce shortage. Is there one or isn’t there? Select your answer below.

Feel free to elaborate on your poll response in the comments.