EMR Add-On’s that Provide Physician Benefit

Posted on November 21, 2012 I Written By

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One of the companies I met in New York City at the Digital Health Conference was MedCPU. I had a great time talking with the effervescent Founder and President, Sonia Ben-Yehuda and the Founder and CEO, Eyal Ephrat, MD. MedCPU is part of the inaugural New York Digital Health Accelerator class. Plus, they’ve created a pretty interesting concept and way to simplify their message down to a single button that analyzes both free text notes and structured data to check for compliance to best practice guidelines or for deviations from expected care.

The idea of a single button that does all the work is a decent one. Sure, real time analysis is good as well, but EHR software isn’t there yet and won’t be for a while to come. Very few EHR seem to be offering real time meaningful use compliance checking. Forget about real time clinical compliance checking.

What I found even more interesting was something that MedCPU told me when they were describing their product. Dr. Ephrat told me that one hospital was using the services MedCPU provides as the benefit that doctors will receive for using EHR. I find this concept quite interesting. I won’t belabor the point that EHR is the database of healthcare, but it’s amazing to consider that a third party application could provide enough benefit to be the reason why doctors want an EHR.

Many EHR vendors realize this is true. That’s why many are trying to offer API (application interfaces) which will allow third party vendors to interact and integrate with their EHR. I wonder what apps can be created by third parties that would really take EHR software to the next level. A thriving third party eco-system of developers can be much more powerful than trying to do all the innovation in house.

Do you know of other EHR add-ons that provide the real benefits physicians want out of an EHR? I’d love to hear of ones you think fit that test.