First CMS Audits of Meaningful EHR Users – Meaningful Use Monday

Posted on July 2, 2012 I Written By

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In response to the topic I covered in my post on gaming the EHR incentive money, I got the following message:

Although I suppose this is within the letter of the law, it seems like a highly suspect practice, especially when CMS has said on conference calls that people who take the first check and subsequently drop out will be the first in line for audits.

I found this reply quite interesting. I’d never heard CMS say on a conference call that the first meaningful use audits would be those who got the first EHR incentive check and then chose to stop with meaningful use. Are there other readers that have heard this as well or that have heard or read similar things?

I’m a little torn on the idea of meaningful use audits. I’m certain that CMS will be doing meaningful use audits. It’s just a matter of time and how they’ll complete the audits of meaningful use. However, I don’t think they’re tremendously motivated to really clamp down on auditing those that adopt EHR software. I don’t think they want the bad PR of practices that have adopted EHR software getting audited and losing their EHR incentive money. They want doctors to adopt EHR and they want to pay them the EHR incentive money.

I guess the one exception to the above comment is those that really aren’t adopting EHR software and instead are just trying to game the system. CMS will likely be happy to make an example out of those doctors. Add in that Medicaid is done by the states and doesn’t require meaningful use and I’ll be interested to see how many doctors get the first Medicaid EHR incentive check and bypass the rest of the checks. I think there’s a lot of funny business that’s going to happen with the Medicaid EHR incentive money.

What else have you heard about EHR Incentive money audits and Meaningful Use Audits? I’m going to try and get some people familiar with other healthcare audits to share some thoughts on how to prepare to deal with the future meaningful use audits.