EHR Technical Breaches, Great Human and Computer Collaborations, and EMR in India

Posted on May 20, 2012 I Written By

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We’re getting close to entering the summer slow period. Although, last year my sites still did very well during the summer. Maybe this summer won’t actually slow down if many of them are rushing to EHR to meet the meaningful use deadline. Also, for those that mostly just read EMR and HIPAA, I’ve started doing a short “Around Healthcare Scene” blog post on EMR and EHR that highlights some of the posts from around the network.

One thing I think won’t slow down is the number of people tweeting about EMR and healthcare IT. In fact, vacations might mean that we see more tweets coming out. On that note, time to look at some of the tweets from around the EMR and Healthcare IT twittersphere.

I don’t think the cloud will increase the number of technical breaches. In fact, the cloud will probably decrease the number of technical breaches as compared with client server EHR. However, the size of the breaches will be much larger. Technology is great at moving a lot of data very quickly. Used properly it can do amazing good, but the same is true if it’s used improperly.

I’d have to think a bit more on this one. Although, I think that EMR deserves to be considered for the list, because an EMR is basically nothing without a doctor. It requires the human to be of use and will be that way for the foreseeable future. I guess my largest concern is that we’re just at the beginning of the potential of EHR to access the real value of human and computer interaction.

This was an interesting tweet. I love stuff with a bit of an international flair. I think the jokes this tweet references was a joke about what I believe is a med school in India requiring yoga and sports. Although, I was also intrigued by his request for India to at least start ePrescribing. Often I think many try to bite off more than we can chew and if we can’t do it all then we do nothing. That’s unfortunate most of the time. Incremental improvement usually ends up with better results than big bang changes.