Making the Case for EMR VARs

Posted on May 15, 2012 I Written By

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In the comments of a post by Dr. Gregg, someone made a really interesting case for going with an EMR VAR instead of the EMR vendor itself. Of course, this commenter was named “EMRVAR” which probably means they come from a VAR. So, you have to take these comments with a grain of salt, but their comments are worth considering. Here’s the case they made for VARs.

My Advice: Seek out a VAR – Value Added Reseller that cares more about you and your practice then any BIG NAME EMR CORPORATION that only cares about its stock valuation on any given day.


A VAR is an advocate for your practice – a Var’s many installs weigh more heavily than any one customer that the BIG EMR Corp has.

A VAR deploys technology from several vendors and adapts these products and services to its customer specific needs

A VAR partners with several product manufacturers and service providers. Though partnerships are formed, it is important to realize that a VAR is an independently owned and operated business that is not bound by any one corporation products, services and policies.

A VAR is often located locally to the communities it serves

The VAR model is important in healthcare and the above comments state a pretty good case for the EMR VAR. I find it interesting that in many respects this is the case that small EHR vendors make as well.

What has been your experience with EMR VARs?