Top Healthcare IT Vendors by Revenue

Posted on May 2, 2012 I Written By

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with the now a year old Hospital EMR and EHR, you should check it out and subscribe to the email list. The site has been growing like gang busters and people are loving the content on that site. I’d wanted to do a hospital EHR focused website for a long time. Certainly there’s a lot of cross over between ambulatory EHR and hospital EHR, but there are also unique differences in the hospital EHR environment that were definitely worthy of their own discussion platform. Plus, we like to cover other aspects of hospital IT.

One of the recent series that Anne Zieger started on Hospital EMR and EHR is called the Top Hospital HIS Vendors by Revenue. She’s already covered the top 3: McKesson, Cerner, and Siemens. She’ll be going through the rest of the Top 10 Hospital HIS vendors by revenue over the next weeks.

It’s really fascinating and amazing to see the enormous revenue numbers that each of these companies produce. Even more amazing is that we’re really only at the beginning of EHR adoption. There is so much of the EHR market that still is out there waiting to implement an EMR solution.

Of course, the real question is which vendor is going to capture this market share and which company will eventually be created that will take the market share from the incumbents. I’m sure it’s hard for many to believe that some upstart company could take down these large companies, but it will happen. That’s the cycle that occurs over and over again. Although, I will make the prediction that we won’t see much jostling in the hospital EHR space during the HITECH EHR incentive money time frame. The opportunity to take market share will likely happen post EHR incentive money.