No EMR Mandate in HITECH or ACA – Meaningful Use Monday

Posted on April 16, 2012 I Written By

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I’m going to veer off a little bit from the regular Meaningful Use Monday topics to cover something that I think needs to get more coverage and is related to the EHR incentive money and meaningful use. Let me start by making something extremely clear:

There is NO EMR mandate. There is NO EHR mandate.

For those of you who want a broader post on the subject, you should read my post from a little over a year ago about the 2014 EHR Mandate. The key is that there’s no EHR mandate and no one is going to put an EHR mandate in place. Certainly there are incentives to use EHR and penalties if you don’t use EHR, but that’s not a mandate.

For those that don’t want to click to the full post above, in it I give five other reasons to implement EHR and an explanation of each. These reasons together could feel like a mandate. Here they are:
* Ability to Sale Practice
* Government Mandated Reporting
* Reimbursement Requirements
* Patients
* ROI for Your Practice

I’m sure that people are still confused on this subject. In just the past 7 days, this website has gotten 250+ people searching terms related to EHR mandate. A lot of people are starting to get concerned about what they’re hearing on the street about EHR. Will this fear of an “EHR Mandate” push many into EHR adoption?

HITECH and Obamacare (ACA)
Related to this mandate for EHR, many people are also confused by the EHR incentive money and the supreme court case for Obamacare. Many people confuse Obamacare, otherwise known as ACA, with the HITECH act (which was part of the ARRA legislation).

What you need to know is that when 99% of people talk about EHR incentive money, meaningful use, EHR mandates, EHR penalties, etc, they are talking about ARRA and more specifically the HITECH act. ARRA and the HITECH act aren’t going before the supreme court and so they’re not at risk. ARRA and HITECH could be affected if the republicans win the Presidency, Congress and the House, but most people argue that HITECH is pretty bipartisan. Although, that’s a topic for another post.

ACA is what’s gone before the supreme court and we’re awaiting a ruling. If ACA is declared unconstitutional, then there will be some affect on healthcare IT programs in general but most EMR programs won’t be affected.