Video of Meaningful Use EMR Integrations and MU Dashboard

Posted on March 29, 2011 I Written By

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Ever since I saw my first meaningful use dashboard in an EMR, I’ve been interested to see the various ways that EMR companies are implementing and tracking meaningful use in their EMR. So, I was really interested to check out this SOAPware EHR video which walks their users through their various meaningful use features. I should mention that this is their training video and not meant as a marketing piece which is exactly why I like it. It’s 11 minutes long, but if you watch even the first couple minutes you’ll get a good idea for how they’ve attacked the meaningful use requirements for their users.

I really like their meaningful use dashboard and the access to the data. My only fear with their dashboard is that they might be providing too much data and not enough of an overview screen. I think most providers are going to want a little more of a “key indicators” dashboard which gives them a nice summary overview of all the MU requirements and how they’re doing. At least from the video, it seems like it’s showing a little too much data on the front end rather than showing a nice overview and then letting you drill down if needed. Reminds me of my Business Intelligence classes in college. The executives (the doctors) mostly want to see the overview, but they want the ability to drill down if needed or have some other staff member drill down and see what’s wrong.

I find their patient dashboard concept pretty intriguing. I love how it updates in real time your compliance with the meaningful use requirements as you see the patient. I’ll leave the discussion of whether or not compliance with meaningful use should be a central part of patient care for another day. However, I think the real time updating of compliance in the patients chart is a really nice way to fix the issues as they arise instead of trying to correct them after the fact.

In the video they show the MU patient compliance dashboard on the left side, I think that’s configurable and can be moved to the other side or hidden. At least I really hope that meaningful use compliance doesn’t become so prominent in patient visits that it deserves a spot as the left sidebar.

I’m sure I could go in and comment on each feature they demonstrate on the video, but there’s a little flavor of what SOAPware is doing to meet meaningful use. I’d love to see other demo videos of how EMR companies are helping their doctors meet the meaningful use requirements. Screenshots of their dashboards would be interesting as well.

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