Imagine If the Car Industry Had HITECH

Posted on January 20, 2011 I Written By

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The following is an interesting comment that’s kind of an extension to my previous post about a visit to an EMR using Doctor’s office. I think many of you will enjoy it.

Can you imagine this in a manufacturing environment? If GM, Ford, etc were legislated (incented?) to implement automation and safety changes that caused them to cut production in half…and cause the workers to be a bit distracted from what they were doing on the other 50% (then maybe tax them higher if they don’t put the changes in place within 3 years)….how healthy would that be for GM? And for the cost and quality of the cars being built?

Of course, not all EMR software causes you to cut production in half. EMR also doesn’t have to mean you’re distracted the other 50% of the time. Take a look at this post by Dr. Koriwchak that talks about some of the principles he used in his EMR implementation. My favorite comment he made was that he “rejected the notion that we would have to decrease patient volume and lose revenue, even temporarily, to get EMR implemented.”

So, if you see the HITECH act / EMR Stimulus money incentivizing what’s described above, then maybe….just maybe…you’re looking at the wrong EMR software.