New EMR Doctor Blog and Premium Advertising Package

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New EMR Doctor Blog
I’m really excited to let you all know about a new EMR Doctor blog called Wired EMR Practice. It’s a blog that I’m doing in partnership with a practicing doctor. I do the hosting, marketing and management of the website and he creates the content. It’s still a very new blog, but check out his post on Physicians vs. Health IT: The EMR Culture War and this post on the ROI of EMR to get a flavor of the content he will be creating. If you like it, you can subscribe by email to the Wired EMR Practice.

The Wired EMR Practice has already landed its first founding advertiser and we’re interested in talking with other people interested in advertising on the site. Those interested can just let us know on our Contact Us page.

Premium EMR and Healthcare IT Advertising Package
For those who read this blog and care about advertising their company, I am working on a new Premium Advertising package. I’ll probably launch it a month or so before HIMSS. It’s going to be a comprehensive advertising package across all of the EMR and HIPAA, EMR and EHR, and Wired EMR Practice network of sites. Not to mention on Twitter, Facebook, and other very targeted EMR related locations. Yes, I think they call this a teaser. Watch for more information on this and if you’re interested, let me know and maybe your company can be part of my new advertising package announcement.

EMR and HIPAA Advertisers
Well, I was looking back at my posts and it looks like it’s been a couple months since I recognized my new and renewing advertisers for EMR and HIPAA. What can I say? I’ve been really busy creating all the content, traveling to a number of conferences and actually adding and renewing advertisers.

Needless to say, I’m very grateful for all of those companies that support EMR and HIPAA with their advertising dollars. Looking at the very high rate of renewal, I think it’s pretty clear that the advertisers are finding value as well.

Without further ado…
New Advertiser
eDoctor, Inc. – eDoctor, Inc. offers a comprehensive electronic prescription system, patient data migration services, and premiere health IT support to healthcare professionals. If you’re looking for an ePrescribing solution, take a look at their free e-Rx software. Looks like they also have an EMR in the oven, called urEMR, that’s set to go live on 12/1/10. We’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Renewing Advertisers
The list of renewing advertisers is quite long. It’s always very satisfying to have my current advertisers renew. Many of these advertisers have been doing so for a couple years. So, thank you!
The Drug Company
EMR Consultant

Those interested in advertising on EMR and HIPAA can find more details here.

EMR and Healthcare IT Jobs
Finally, I’m sure there are many that read this blog that are still looking for jobs in the EMR and/or healthcare IT field. If you are, there are a bunch of jobs listed on the EMR and EHR job board. For example, one that was just posted yesterday is for a NextMD Implementation Specialist. Hopefully more of you will post the jobs you have as well.