Another Possible ONC-ATCB EHR Certifying Organization

Posted on October 5, 2010 I Written By

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One of my more interesting meetings at AAFP was with a company called SLI Global Solutions. The meeting was so interesting, because SLI Global Solutions plans to apply to become an ONC-ATCB organization very soon. This coming after the announcement of the first ONC-ATCB certified EHR from Drummond Group and CCHIT along with the announcement of InfoGard as an ONC-ATCB and Weno Healthcare’s plans to become an ONC-ATCB.

We obviously had a long conversation about the EHR certification, but suffice it to say that SLI Global Solutions is going full steam ahead to become an ONC-ATCB. It sounds like they’ve been doing a number of other certifications previously. They’ve even done some consulting work in healthcare.

When I asked SLI Global Solutions what they thought would help them to differentiate themselves from the other ONC-ATCB, one response was that they were really good at providing feedback and helping organizations through the certification process. I personally think that many EHR vendors and other healthcare organizations that need to certify for the EMR stimulus money are nervous about the unknown issues related to certification. If SLI Global Solutions can provide them a feedback loop then it could go a long way to relieving the nerves. This is the main suggestion Jim Tate makes in his post about selecting an ATCB.

I asked SLI Global Solutions how much they planned to charge for the EHR certification. Here was their response, “We have not finalized the pricing yet because we are contemplating ancillary services pre and post certification but we will likely be in the $20,000 USD ballpark.”

With SLI Global Solutions, that would make 5 ONC-ATCB and I’m guessing there are other companies like this that will become certifying bodies as well. I’m all about competition and so the more ONC-ATCB the merrier.

It does make me wonder how many ONC-ATCB the market can support. Not to mention, there’s the interesting question of whether they’re a bit late to the party. I guess time will tell.