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Posted on September 28, 2010 I Written By

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The good people over at >HITECH Answers must have more time on their hands than I do. They got on the CCHIT conference call where they talked about their newest ONC ATCB certified EHR program. Here’s a portion of the HITECH Answers summary which includes some CCHIT pricing details:

The ONC-ATCB Certified 2011/2012 Toolkit will help prepare health IT companies and EHR developers for testing. You can purchase the toolkit for $1000. Pricing will be in tier levels and range from $8K to $34,300K. They want to do the testing in a single day. There can be an accumulative approach where modules can be certified and added to the current certification without having to retest previously certified criteria.

It still feels wrong that they charge you $1000 for the toolkit you’ll need to use in order to pay them $34k more dollars to become certified. Uhh…yeah.

The fact that you can use a cumulative approach to certification is a difference between CCHIT and Drummond Group. Drummond Group has said that you would have to recertify everything if you wanted to do more modules.

HITECH Answers also mentioned that CCHIT has a program called EACH (EHR Alternative Certification for Hospitals) that will certify EHR technology in place for legacy and custom programs. They’d been calling this the EHR site certification before.

They also did a quick poll on the CCHIT call with the following results:
“Using the interactive polling option of the meeting, CCHIT asked attending vendors what their plans on certification were. In a quick response from about 250 vendors, 24% said they were intending to certify immediately, 45% said in the next few months, and 8% where not sure.”

Don’t ask me what the other 23% of responses were. However, these results do point to my belief that most EHR vendors will certify.