SaaS EMR vs. Client Server EMR and AAFP in Denver

Posted on September 22, 2010 I Written By

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I knew that my previous post about the cost to update an EMR would bring out the people who like to back the SaaS EMR model versus those who like to back the Client Server EMR. As I’ve said before, it’s one of the most heated debates you can have in the EMR space.

I realized in the comments of that post why it’s such a heated topic. It’s because once an EMR software chooses to go down one path or the other, it’s nearly impossible to be able to switch paths. Why? Cause if you do choose to switch you basically have to just code a new application all over. Basically, the switching costs are enormous. So, only a few software companies (let alone EMR software companies) ever change from one to the other.

Considering the high switching costs, that basically means that an EMR vendor that is SaaS based has a strong vested interest in the benefits and upside of the SaaS model of software development. The same is true for Client Server EMR software and client server EMR companies looking at the benefits and upside of the client server model of software development.

This entrenching around a software development methodology (for which they can’t change) is what makes discussing each model so interesting. Each party dutifully makes the most of whichever software development methodology they’ve been given.

Of course, from the clinical perspective it’s sometimes hard to cut through all this discussion and get good information on the real pros and cons of each model.

In that vein, I’m looking for a couple EMR and HIPAA readers that would be interested in making the case for one or the other. All you’d need to do is create a guest blog post on the pros and cons of your preferred method. If needed, you’d also be welcome to do a response post to the other method’s post as well.

If this interests you, leave a comment or let me know on my Contact Us page. I think this could be really interesting.

On a different note, it looks like I’m going to be attending the AAFP conference in Denver next week. Is anyone else planning to be there? Anything I should know about the conference to get the most out of it?