Big Winners of EMR Stimulus, Top EMR Companies and Effect of EMR Stimulus on EMR Adoption

Posted on June 13, 2010 I Written By

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Welcome to my Sunday look back on past EMR posts. Tonight, I’ll look at 3 posts that I remember quite well and have actually referenced a number of times. Let’s also take a look at what’s happened since I posted them.

Big Winners from Obama EHR Stimulus HITECH – I loved this post. It was a really really early look at which stakeholders would benefit most from the $18 billion of EMR stimulus money. I still think the list is pretty accurate. If you disagree with the list, I’d love to hear it.

Top EMR Companies Method of Selecting an EMR – This is the type of post that I love to write, but I’m not sure how many people love reading them. However, the comments did highlight one interesting theme. People really are looking for help in selecting an EMR. It really did give me motivation to finally start selling my EMR selection book. I also just recently started a page listing a number of different EMR selection websites. Hopefully both can add some value for users.

Effect of Stimulus Package on EHR Adoption – I think this was a somewhat pivotal post for me. I sadly articulated the lack of value of the EMR stimulus money and how I believed that it wouldn’t have the desired effect on EMR adoption. However, it also helped me to realize and conclude how important it is for doctors to take their time selecting the right EMR and not be distracted by the EMR stimulus dollars. Something that I’ve repeated a lot the past year and a half.