Allscripts Isn’t CCHIT Certified 2011

Posted on March 11, 2010 I Written By

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Sometimes it’s the little things you catch at an enormous conference at HIMSS that are the most powerful. One of those came for me when I was talking to the VP of marketing from one of the EHR vendors on the floor. This was one of the most interesting people I met with at HIMSS.

As we were talking he kind of said off hand that one of the visitors to his booth had said Allscripts isn’t CCHIT certified.

Now I should clarify. Allscripts was CCHIT certified back in 2007. However, they didn’t do CCHIT certification and in 2008 but they still haven’t done any of the 2011 full CCHIT certification or Preliminary ARRA certification either.

As a side note, CCHIT has moved or taken down the previous years certification lists from their website (not sure why or where they moved them) (UPDATE: You have to drill down to the categories and you can find the previous years). However, they are listed on the EMR and EHR wiki.

The interesting point here is that Allscripts, an EHR company with possibly 21% EHR market share, hasn’t bothered with the CCHIT certification.

I have no doubt that Allscripts will be HHS certified (or whatever they end up calling the certification). However, they haven’t seen the need to go after the CCHIT certification. No doubt there sitting there waiting to get a cheaper EHR certification. This is true for a few hundred other EMR vendors as well.

Another interesting sign of the move away from CCHIT certification and on to the HHS certification.

And yes Allscripts, I am still mad at you for shutting me out of your party at HIMSS despite having registered and read the dozen or so emails you sent reminding me that I registered, but never telling me that I had to stop by your booth for a wristband.