Large EMR Vendor Bias Towards EMR Stimulus

Posted on January 25, 2010 I Written By

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One thing I’m starting to notice is that it seems that ALL of the large EMR vendors are strong proponents of the EMR stimulus. All but a couple of the comments I’ve found from large EMR vendors laud praise upon the HITECH act. Listening to the information they’re putting out, you’d think that this was a fantastic stimulus package that will just be too good to pass up.

Now, I’m not saying that what these EMR vendors are saying is a lie (although some of the things they’ve said are). What I am saying is take a look at what motivation an EMR vendor has to do anything but prop up the EMR stimulus package. As far as I can see, there’s little benefit to their EMR business to talk poorly about the EMR stimulus. EMR vendors want people to think that the EMR stimulus is simple, effective and incredibly well done. If this were the case, many doctors should and would be all over it and EMR vendors would see increased sales. If EMR vendors were to describe it as complicated, ineffective and poorly defined, then that means fewer sales for those EMR vendors.

My point here isn’t to argue whether the EMR stimulus is good or not. It’s just to highlight that EMR vendors are (and probably should be) biased in their opinions of the EMR stimulus package.

Interestingly, a few smaller EMR vendors have made the opposite case. They’ve come out that the EMR stimulus is an atrocity, does little to improve doctors’ productivity and often hurts productivity.

The battle lines have been drawn. Just make sure you’re not a casualty of biased information.