Provider EMR Bill of Rights

Posted on October 22, 2009 I Written By

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Lately the comments have been hopping with interesting conversations. Oh wait, I said that just a few posts ago. Well, it’s the truth! Turns out, a really interesting idea came out of a discussion about EMR vendor’s ability to export the data out of their system.

The basic concept is to create what I’m calling a “Provider EMR Bill of Rights”

The idea is to together create a list of criteria that would ensure that the EMR vendor isn’t just trying to make a sale, but has the best interest of the provider at heart as well. Here’s just a few examples of things that a Provider EMR Bill of Rights could include:

  • Providers Always Own the Data in the EMR
  • An EMR will provide a way to easily export all of the EMR data into a usable format

It might be wise to also make specific sections of the EMR Provider Bill of Rights for things like SaaS EMR. For example, we could include the following: “SaaS EMR vendors will provide a way for clinics to have a daily download of their SaaS EMR data which they can store locally.” As you can see, I’ll need your help and suggestions to make the list useful, effective and reasonable.

I think once the list of “EMR rights” is developed, EMR vendors could choose to adopt and implement these options or not. By choosing to adopt these criteria, EMR vendors would get the benefit of saying they have the providers best interest in mind. Providers will get the benefit of EMR vendors taking a stronger interest in them. Plus, providers that come upon the Provider EMR Bill of Rights will also be more informed on some of the issues they will want to discuss with EMR vendors.

I’m currently working on a redesign of this partial list of EMR and EHR vendors which I started years ago. Part of that redesign could be having a list of those EMR vendors that have chosen to adopt the Provider EMR Bill of Rights. Who knows, maybe even an icon that indicates this status and some badges to put on their website as well.

What do you think of the idea? Do you think it would be valuable? If you’re an EMR vendor, would you consider adopting this? Are there other ideas which could make this idea better?

If you like the idea, let’s start listing out items that you think should be included in the Provider EMR Bill of Rights.