EMR Software Update List Sharing

Posted on October 7, 2009 I Written By

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One of the unforeseen and planned for challenges of having an EMR is the fact that software wants to be updated regularly. This is especially true for EMR software in its current state. EMR vendors are constantly making changes to the EMR software and for good reason. EMR software is rather immature as far as the features, usability, etc that it needs. Of course, an update to your EMR software is a great thing if it gives you even a half dozen new features that will make your life easier, your clinic more efficient and make your EMR more usable.

One of the challenges of updating your EMR software is managing the list of changes (most people call them updates since change is bad) that were made to your EMR software. The goal of course is to be able to update your EMR software and still keep on running your clinic as efficiently as possible. You want to know of changes to the software beforehand so that you’re not blindsided by a change that will cripple your workflow. You also want to make sure that you’re utilizing the new features that were added to the EMR in the best possible way.

I’d love to hear people’s experience with software updates to their EMR. How does your EMR company notify you of updates? How does your EMR vendor inform you of the changes that were made? How often do you update? Do you test the update before you actually do the update? How do you notify your end users of the changes in the next EMR software update?

Of course, the other wrinkle in this is whether you have a client server EMR or a SaaS EMR. In a true SaaS EMR, the updates just happen. In fact, they often happen whether you like it or not. So, I’d love to hear from some SaaS EMR vendors talk about what they do to communicate the updates to their EMR.

After I hear some comments, I’ll summarize the comments in another post and share my experience doing updates to an EMR software. I’m doing the same with my ePrescribing Challenges post and you’ll see that summary post about ePrescribing coming soon.