HIS EMR Buying Seminar

Posted on October 3, 2009 I Written By

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As you know, I try to save my simpler posts for the weekend when less people are reading. Although, I do tend to ramble on occasion. Thankfully I type reasonably fast.

In some of my EMR readings of late I came across something that sounds similar to what I’ve talked about doing for EMR. They call it an EMR Buying Seminar. Sure, there have been a ton of EMR seminars lately. In fact, I did an EMR presentation in Austin myself. However, what struck me about this seminar is that it said it was the 10th annual EMR Buying Seminar. That’s a lot of years.

Of course, the thing I like least about this seminar is that it’s focused on hospital EMR systems. If you’ve read here much, you know I’m more of an ambulatory EMR kind of guy. Certainly there’s a lot of cross over, but the hospital stuff is far too political for my tastes.

I wonder how many people would be interested in an Ambulatory EMR Buying Seminar. Seems like it could be a really valuable thing including covering the details of the ARRA EMR stimulus package. I know the perfect place to hold it as well: Las Vegas. Let me know what you think of the idea.

Of course, an EMR Buying Seminar is a great thing for doctors and practice managers. My other idea I’m considering is holding an EMR conference of experts in EMR from the industry. Kind of a meeting with a wide open agenda and format where the participants are the presentation and become the conference. Basically, a bunch of really smart people getting together to discuss complex issues related to EMR. Could be a lot of fun.

How’s that for a short post that’s not so short?