Bloggers Impact On EMR Adoption

Posted on May 14, 2009 I Written By

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As I’ve been writing and reading about ARRA and the HITECH Act, I’ve had a few moments to consider the impact that things like the HIT Policy Committee will have on the future of EMR adoption in the US. Between that committee, ONCHIT and HHS the decisions they make will have far reaching impact on EHR adoption. I’ll leave the question of whether they’ll have a good or bad impact to another post.

Instead, I couldn’t help but wonder what impact bloggers and various EMR related websites and forums can have on EMR adoption. More specifically, I’ve been asking myself what kind of impact does this blog have on overall EMR adoption including both selection and implementation. Maybe I should be asking myself the question of how much impact could EMR bloggers have on influencing the HIT policy committee, ONCHIT and HHS, but I think that’s basically falling on deaf ears.

Instead, I think that bloggers like myself can have a real lasting impact on specific readers lives. Hopefully those who visit my blog get a better understanding of why they should implement an EMR. I hope they find some guidance on how to select an EMR and avoid various EMR sales miscommunication. At a minimum, I think the people who have bought the high volume scanners I suggested will be really glad they found this blog. I’m not sure why else people visit this blog.

Maybe this is all a little too personal, but I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on the impacts blogs and other EMR related resources have on EMR adoption. I’d like to think that blog like mine can have a good impact on the EMR world and aren’t just a nice place for those in the industry to sit around the virtual water cooler.

Either way, as I write future posts, I’ll be taking some of this into consideration. I think this will also give me a little bit of added motivation to complete a series of e-Books on EMR selection and EMR implementation. Hopefully those can provide some real targeted and valuable information to improve those two vital areas of EHR adoption.