CCHIT and FOSS Meeting at HIMSS

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The meeting between CCHIT and FOSS at HIMSS was really interesting. I have a lot more to post about it, but I thought I’d start with a quick picture (see above thanks to Twitpic) and my real time thoughts on the presentation that I posted to my Twitter account.

Listening to the CCHIT webinar, it really seems like CCHIT has overworked their EHR certification.

Facts about CCHIT by Mark Leavitt. This should be interesting.

Mission of CCHIT “Accelerate adoption of HIT” not “Accelerate adoption of proprietary HIT” -Mark Leavitt Uh huh

I’d like to know which self developed open source EHR is CCHIT certified.

CCHIT Session: Licensing costs of the datasets are a challenge for open source EHR. Problem since CCHIT requires them.

Town halls,reports, online discussion as the means of CCHIT communication. There missing so many ways to get feedback from people

Even though it’s a certified EHR system, can’t guarantee a successful implementation -Mark Leavitt

CCHIT’s goal is to help small practices that don’t have time to research EHR. Where’s the data that CCHIT actually is achieving this goal?

@dschach Agreed. That’s why CCHIT shouldn’t make claims/goals to improve adoption/success since certification doesn’t help and may hinder

Fred Trotter’s list of reasons CCHIT and FOSS don’t match is great. Definitely doing a post with some of the ideas. [Definitely a future post on this blog]

It’s obvious that there are a lot more issues with CCHIT that need discussion than just open source

CCHIT has plans to measure the success of certified EHR in implementation. Will expose numbers to users, but not require a success rate for certification

“CCHIT wants to think about certifying versions. It’s backwards for FOSS EHR. So they have to think about it.” It took 3 years to think about this?

@oneofthefreds I wouldn’t call it nonsense. Mark sounds sincere, but just uninformed.

CCHIT should really use uStream for these town hall meetings rather than the GoToWebinar. Much better user experience

CCHIT and FOSS meeting’s gone way over, but I’m glad they did. Plus, we only covered a small share of CCHIT discussion

“We think CCHIT certification being the certified EHR is likely, but we don’t know.” -Mark Leavitt

Summary of CCHIT and FOSS Meeting: Lots of unanswered questions about CCHIT. FOSS just complicates it even more

I also think that tonymaro (Twitter username) offered some good insights on the event:

tonymaro: The more he[Mark Leavitt] talks the more it beomes available that CCHIT isn’t evil regarding OSS, they just don’t get it!

tonymaro: I’m afraid the obvious disappointment by the OSS community has simply caused CCHIT to turn defensive

As a side note, the first CCHIT meeting at HIMSS was a big disappointment. It was described as a CCHIT roadmap and ended up being a Laika project demo and roadmap (kind of). I’m not trying to discredit Laika since I don’t know too much about their work. I’m just saying that the expectation of CCHIT roadmap wasn’t met for me.

The CCHIT and FOSS meeting was a little scattered, but a good start to the conversation. I look forward to seeing how the discussion continues. Much more to come on what was talked about at this meeting.