EMR/EHR Selection and Implementation Guide Plans

Posted on March 4, 2009 I Written By

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The more I read comments on this blog and on EMR forums, I realize that there’s a real need for some sort of simple but effective guide to understanding the EMR selection and implementation process. Basically, I’m talking about a mix of showing a realistic picture of selecting an implementing an EMR. A discussion of the realities faced by almost everyone implementing an EMR. This of course would be coupled with some strategies to avoid as many problems as possible. However, hopefully it would also help doctors have a better vision of what they can expect in the EMR selection and implementation process.

DrQ from EMRUpdate was one of my motivations for wanting to do this, so I feel I should give him some credit.

So, this weekend I’m going to start the process of creating a guide for just this. It may end up being a couple guides. Possibly one for EMR selection and one for EMR implementation. It won’t be comprehensive (that’s impossible). It will hopefully provide some value to those interested in entering the EMR selection and implementation process. Yes, process is the right word.

We’ll see how it all comes together. Don’t expect anything earth shattering if you’re well informed about the process already. I’m sure I’ll pull a fair amount of material from what I’ve posted previously on this blog and in articles I’ve written around the web. I also be tapping readers of this website and other EMR forums I participate in the process of creating these guides. My strongest trait isn’t that I know everything about the process, but I feel like I’m surrounded with an amazing online community of EMR users.

I’m still a little undecided on whether I’ll charge for it or not. I guess we’ll see how it all comes together and then decide. Regardless, I want to make sure that whatever money or even time is spent reading the guide returns a value to the reader.

Ok, so thanks for letting me think out loud on my blog. I certainly want to welcome everyone in on the process. Let’s start by hearing 5 lessons learned during your EMR selection and/or implementation process.