Top EMR Companies Method of Selecting an EMR

Posted on February 3, 2009 I Written By

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Searches for Top EMR companies has been the biggest source of traffic to this site in the past month.  Users searching Google for this will be directed to my long list of EMR and EHR companies.  I feel a little bad that someone is searching for the top EMR companies and gets directed to a list of over 400 EMR companies (and that list is definitely old).  Hopefully as the EMR and EHR Matrix of Companies on the EMR and HIPAA wiki continues to fill out, it will be a better resource in finding the various EMR and EHR companies that exist.

What’s interesting is that my guess is that many of those looking for an EMR company don’t know how to start the EMR/EHR selection process.  They’re overwhelmed by the over 400 EMR and EHR systems available on the market today.  I have a feeling that this economic downturn will eliminate a number of these systems and EMR companies will continue to merge.   However, doctors will still be faced with the daunting task of sifting through the hundreds of possible options available to them.

I have a feeling this is why many doctors and those interested in implementing an EMR have turned to Google to narrow the list down for them.  They figure Google must have some information that will just show them a list of top EMR companies.  Of course Google doesn’t know any better, because honestly no one can make a universal list of the top EMR companies.  There’s just too many variables involved.

I do have some ideas of my own for making the selection process better.  I’m even seriously considering writing a short E-Book about the EMR Selection Prcess.   What do you think about that?  Is that something you’d be willing to buy?  What do you think it would be worth?  It would be a quick guide to helping people make the most of the sometimes difficult EMR selection process.  I’d also provide some tools for comparing the various EMR systems you learn about.  I’ll let you know as this progresses.

For those finding my site after searching for the “Top EMR Companies” I think you’re on the right track.  Check out my Theory of 5 EMR Systems and you’ll see that I’m a strong proponent of streamlining the EMR selection process.