Benefits of Using an EMR/EHR Consultant – Selection Process

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A while back I wrote something about why having an EMR or EHR consultant could be beneficial to a doctor looking to implement an EHR. Here’s the first part of a five part series on reasons why I think a well qualified, experienced EMR or EHR consultant is valuable. The first part is how an EMR or EHR consultant helps with the selection process.

EHR Selection Process

By first evaluating a doctor’s needs and preferences EHR consultants are able to eliminate a majority of the EHR companies and provide doctors with a short list of high quality EHR vendors to evaluate. By providing a smaller pool of EHR vendors, doctors are more comfortable with the selection process and don’t get discouraged seeing hundreds of EHR vendors that don’t meet their needs. EHR consultants also help doctors through the evaluation process. EHR consultants often provide a list of questions that can be used to evaluate EHR vendors. These questions have been designed to tease out information which will better enable doctors to select the right software. EHR consultants also assist doctors that need help negotiating with EHR vendors. These services include requesting enhancements to meet doctor specific needs or even ensuring that EHR vendor pricing is comparable to other EHR implementations.

When it comes down to it, a good EHR consultant can save a doctor large amounts of time and money that would have been wasted looking amongst the hundreds of EHR companies. It’s not hard to say that doctor’s most precious commodity is time.

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