Spam Lists of Doctors

Posted on March 7, 2007 I Written By

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Somehow I got an email list that wants to try and sell me a whole list of doctors. Here’s the email that I got recently:

7 new databases for the medical profession just released!

–> All New American Nurses Database: Over 59,000 nurses complete with
addresses, phone and fax numbers
All data is in Excel format and sortable by 30 specialties. MSA and CMSA fields
also included.
**Special Price Until March 15 $299**

–> All New Radiologist Database : 34,763 records for the USA **Price Until
March 15 $199**
–> All New Database of Surgeons : 39,517 records for the USA **Price Until
March 15 $199**
–> All New Orthapedics Database : 24,145 records for the USA **Price Until
March 15 $199**
–> All New Database of Cardiologists: 24,577 records for the USA **Price
Until March 15 $199**
–> All New Database of Anesthesiologists:38,155 records for the USA **Price
Until March 15 $199**
–> All New Pediatrics Database : 60,684 records for the USA **Price Until
March 15 $249**

For more information or to place an order please call 206-555-5555 or for faster
service send an
email to

Please accept our sincerest apologies if you did not request this email and rest
assured that
by sending us an email with “unlist” in the subject heading we will never
contact you again.

What a fun email huh? No, I hate spam. However, this is spam so that I can send spam. Are they crazy?

I also found it funny the number of Pediatric doctors there are in the US: 60,684. Well, at least the number of records that they have. I’ve been doing some research recently on doctors and I only show 185,000 doctors in the US. Are a third of those really pediatrics? My guess is probably not. In fact, my guess is that only 10,000 of the 60,684 records they have our pediatric doctors. Even so, anyone who uses it is ridiculous. Would someone really buy an EMR system from an unsolicited spam email? I would hope not.