To Be an EMR Consultant or Not To Be An EMR Consultant

Posted on October 27, 2006 I Written By

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I recently posted about my little job trip to Arkansas and the possibility of me being an EMR Consultant. Cory asked if I took the job or not. The short answer is no. Here’s the long answer.

It was a great opportunity for me in Arkansas. However, I honestly didn’t feel like it was what matched my own personal interests. The interview really clarified in my mind that what I love doing is working with technology to change the way people to do business. That’s not what I would have been doing in Arkansas. At least not for a long while and not for the majority of my job.

However, thinking about being an EMR consultant has been absolutely intriguing to me. In fact, in the past few weeks I’ve been giving it some very serious thought. In fact, I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to write up a business plan for an EMR consulting company. Here in Nevada they have a business plan competition called the Donald W. Reynolds Nevada Governor’s Cup. Well, last year I won the cup and I hope to win again this year. Unless I can find a better business idea then I think I’m going to do an EMR consulting business.

I don’t personally see it as just a consulting business. I see EMR consulting as a feeder into a number of other services that I consider commodity services. Let me described the type of business I’d like to create. Essentially I would find a practice that is looking at implementing an EMR. I would work with them to select an EMR. After selecting an EMR, I would help them design all the technology that is needed to implement the EMR. Of course, I would then assist in implementing all of that technology. This sounds pretty much like a consulting service right? Well, to this point it is.

After implementing an EMR I think there is an important service that all doctor’s offices should have. At least monthly, each doctor’s office should make sure that they have done all their Windows Updates, Anti-virus Updates and scans, Adware and Spyware updates and scans and verify the backup is working properly. These are the type of commodity services that I think many doctors would find useful to have someone else do monthly. In fact, doing these things is pretty much required by HIPAA. I know that many doctors can do it themselves. That’s fine too. However, I believe there is a significant market where doctors would want to have this type of service done for them.

The other service I’d like to add to my quiver of arrows is HIPAA security audits and reviews. I think this is another possible source of revenue if I started doing consulting. Plus, this type of service would be a great way for me to meet people who have already implemented an EMR and need the update/virus/adware/backup services I described above.

Any thoughts? I imagine there are a number of people already doing this, but I think there’s still a large enough market available to make some decent money doing EMR consulting. I have a few other ideas, but I don’t want to share all my secrets. I’d love to hear feedback from those already doing this.