Creating a Dynamic Website for a Doctor’s Office

Posted on September 11, 2006 I Written By

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Over at my other EMR home, EMRUpdate, I started a thread asking people about what technology they are using for their clinical website.

I am seriously looking for a way to create a website that can be easily updated using web based forms. I think I know what I basically want to do. It’s just knowing the best way to do it. Here are some of my goals:

-Templating (theme) Features – I should be able to change the entire website design in a click of a button
-Admin Pages – The doctor must be able to update and change all the content on the site
-General – It must be general enough that once created I could easily roll it out for a new doctor where they can just update with their content
-PHP and MySQL – These are my own personal preferences for coding
-Statistics – It must have a statistics package that can be built into the software
-Expandable – I should be able to upgrade and expand it quickly and easily (but the doctor doesn’t have to know how quickly and easily)

I honestly think what I’m talking about is more than possible using WordPress as a back end engine. However, DrM’s suggestion of using Joomla as the backend engine is quite intriguing. I already have one doctor’s office in mind for the website. Unfortunately, he’s not very good about deciding what content he would like on his website.

So, if there are any doctors reading this that are interested in working with me to create a website for them let me know. I’d have to charge something, but it would be more than reasonable.

No I’m not planning on making an EHR or patient portal. You might be able to integrate one of those into the website, but I’m talking about a website with information on your practice and possibly links to educational material.