Open Source EMR Review – The Heart of Free EMR

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It looks like there is a decent group of people that have been spending a significant amount of time really developing the best Open Source EMR projects out there. They’ve even done an excellent review of a couple Open Source EMR projects. The information on this review page is really the heart of the open source EMR development

I really think that no doctor should use an Open Source EMR package unless they have a qualified technical person that can look at the information in the reviews and know what it means. Open source may often mean free to use, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to implement. Don’t be confused when it is often described as Free EMR. It would be naive to think that an open source EMR would be easy to implement. I really hope over time this changes. Kudos to all those who have been spending their valuable time on such a great project. With time I can really see open source EMR being a viable option.

I also loved a couple links on the review that show a snapshot of how the Open Source EMR development is going:

Who’s Contributing to Open Source EMR Development

Open Source EMR Project Development Over time

The amazing part is their names on these pages are a large part of the recognition they get. Otherwise, developing an open source EMR(free EMR) is really about adding and developing for the greater good.

Excellent Work Open Source EMR Guys!!