My Favorite HealthCare IT Blogs – Top 10

Posted on May 23, 2006 I Written By

John Lynn is the Founder of the blog network which currently consists of 10 blogs containing over 8000 articles with John having written over 4000 of the articles himself. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 16 million times. John also manages Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today, the leading career Health IT job board and blog. John is co-founder of and John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can also be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit and LinkedIn.

The wonderful HITSphere is a really nice website that collates a bunch of Healthcare IT blogs into one place. I decided I would get a bunch of the Healthcare IT bloggers upset by posting my 10 favorites and letting the rest of them post comments about why their blog should have made it. Then, I can comment on why they didn’t make EMR and HIPAA’s top 10 Healthcare IT blogs. If a blogger doesn’t come to my site and declare that they should be in the top 10 then they really don’t understand why I love blogging and definitely shouldn’t make the list. The interaction of related blogs is what makes blogging fun.

Here goes. My top 10 favorite Healthcare IT Blogs:
1. Healthcare IT – Short and Sweet(although sometimes I wish there was a little more because it is so sweet)
2. The Healthcare IT Guy – Shahid does an excellent job with nicely written posts and good insider information
3. Neil Versel’s Healthcare IT Blog – I won’t dock him points since he is a professional writer
4. GNU/Linux and Open Source Medical Software News – Great resource for information on Open Source projects and news in the Healthcare industry
5. Dr. Greiver’s EMR – True EMR blogging in its purest form. Great content despite being Canadian
6. HealthBlog – Microsoft’s reference on Healthcare. Good Material
7. Consumer Health Informatics News – A different kind of Healthcare IT blog
8. The Candid CIO – Great Content that just isn’t updated enough
9. The Health Tech Blog – Interesting posts. Needs more posts!
10. Christina’s Considerations – Tons of RHIO Information(maybe too much?)

Sweet, now that I’ve ruffled the feathers of Canadians, people who don’t post enough, RHIO lovers and the rest of the healthcare IT blogging community who I left off the list, let’s hear why you should make the list and why you think I placed the blogs above in the wrong place.