A New Platform for Women in Healthcare IT – Doyenne Connections

Posted on December 2, 2016 I Written By

The following is a guest blog post by Janae Sharp (@coherencemed).
Every day, healthcare loses potential profit from a lack of representation of women in technology. Healthcare IT takes a larger hit than some other technology areas. Taking the problems of gender pay disparity and lack of representation for women in healthcare to a dinner party was the beginning of Doyenne Connections. Founded by Max Stroud, a lead consultant at Galen Healthcare, this group of women in leadership roles in Health IT is about creating real life connections for women in technology.

Max had a vision of forward thinking women in health IT meeting together to enhance their careers and develop ideas together. A sort of “un-conference” emerged and the first weekend was a huge success. Organizations that would be an ideal match for Doyenne connections are companies that are concerned about gender equality. Organizations that believe in the value of a human connection can get involved from the corporate level. The founders club invites women leaders in healthcare IT to mentor and meet up with other women.

In healthcare technology there is so much interest in the next innovation and how technology connects us. Employees can telecommute. Patients can see a doctor over the internet. Providers can collaborate about patients and companies to improve systems via video call. While technology and social media connects us in person meetings are still invaluable.

Healthcarescene.com is proud to partner with Doyenne connections to help promote women in Health IT and how companies can increase their profitability through improving the workplace for women. Investing in the individual women and mentorships and meetups will help improve Health IT innovation and profitability. The costs of gender inequality in the workforce are high and the loss of women in technology and healthcare is an economic problem for our companies and a social problem. Women are underrepresented in leadership roles and average 78 cents for every dollar their male counterparts make.

Want to invest in your company’s gender equality? The Founders club is looking for current and future leaders in Healthcare and Doyenne Connections has spots for corporate sponsorships.