The 2015 #HIT99 Results Are In

Posted on July 31, 2015 I Written By

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the #HIT99. The #HIT99 was announced on July 6th and nominations were opened. We saw a wide variety of nominations and a lot of new additions that I’d never seen before. For me the #HIT99 and #HIT100 are all about social discovery and showing gratitude to your social media peers. I know I experienced both of those during the process. I hope you did as well.

A big shout out to Steve Sisko (@shimcode) for aggregating, cleaning, and otherwise analyzing all of the data associated with #HIT99 nominations. I can only imagine the time he spent working on it. It’s hard work, so thank you Steve!

No list like this would be appropriate without recognition of Michael Planchart (@theEHRGuy) who created the first (and many subsequent) #HIT100. Hopefully this list will honor what he started.

Here are a few quick observations on the rankings and participation:

  • Includes all tweets tagged with #HIT99 and/or #HIT100 from 7/6/15 through 7/27/15
  • 633 accounts made nominations
  • 319 UNIQUE accounts were nominated
  • Total of 1650 valid nominations were made
  • People were allowed to vote for themselves
  • RT’s of a nomination were counted but only once. (meaning if a person RT’d multiple tweets made by different accounts and that RT contained a nomination already contained in a different tweet the person RT’d, then only one instance of the nomination via RT would be counted)

And a few other notes about the #HIT99 and #HIT100 data that was collected and posted below:

  • Steve Sisko is cleaning up the raw data so it can be posted and shared with the community. You can watch for it to be posted on Steve’s blog shortly. Update: You can download the raw #HIT99 data here.
  • Feel free to post the #HIT99 list to your blog, social media site, paper, LinkedIn group, tattooed on your chest, or wherever else you’d like to post it. Share away. No attribution is necessary unless you want to attribute the #HIT99 community on Twitter.

We really hope that those in the community will take the #HIT99 data and do really cool things with it well beyond what I’ve posted below and what Steve will post on his site. If you need some inspiration or want to join forces, you might start by looking at what Don Lee (@dflee30) has started doing.

I personally thought it would be fun to post 3 interesting lists for great healthcare social discovery: the #HIT99, New Additions to the #HIT99, and #HIT99 Nominees with 1 Vote. So, without further ado, here are those lists: Read more..