EHR Reimbursement, Health Data Security, and Innovation – #HITsm Chat Highlights

Posted on September 22, 2012 I Written By

Katie Clark is originally from Colorado and currently lives in Utah with her husband and son. She writes primarily for Smart Phone Health Care, but contributes to several Health Care Scene blogs, including EMR Thoughts, EMR and EHR, and EMR and HIPAA. She enjoys learning about Health IT and mHealth, and finding ways to improve her own health along the way.

Every week, HL7 Standards, hosts a #HITsm Tweet Chat and poses four questions “on current topics that are influencing healthcare technology, health IT, and the use of social media in healthcare.” It’s always a great discussion and also a great chance to meet a wide variety of people that are passionate about healthcare IT.

In case you missed it, or are curious about what went on this week, we’ve put together the list of topics with some of the best responses for each topic. There were some interesting topics this week, as well as some great responses. If you have any opinions on any of these topics, feel free to continue the discussion in the comments. This chats take place every Friday at 11AM CST. You’ll find members of Healthcare Scene regularly participating in the chat under some of the following Twitter accounts: @techguy@ehrandhit@hospitalEHR, and @smyrnagirl.

Topic One: Politics #EHR reimbursement will likely reach $20 billion. Why is this big govt initiative exempt from critics?

Topic Two: Health data security: What does health data security look like and how is it different than financial data security?

Topic Three: Clash of the #Health IT Titans: What is most beneficial patients, #HIEs or #ACOs? 

Topic Four: Innovation in #healthIT: What are some examples of innovative groups/ideas that may disrupt the current system?