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Predicting a 6 Month Rush to EHR Starting August 2012

Posted on March 15, 2012 I Written By

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As I look forward to EHR in the year 2012, it was suggested to me at HIMSS that we’re going to see an EHR adoption rush starting in August 2012. If you think about the timeline and all the other EHR happenings, I think this very much will be the case.

I saw a tweet (which I can’t find now) which said something to the effect of meaningful use attestation in January of 2012 was as big as all of 2011. I also have read about the mass of meaningful use attestation that happened at the end of 2011. With only having to attest for 90 days it makes sense why so many people waited until the end of 2011 to attest to meaningful use.

I expect we’re going to see the same rush to meaningful use attesation in 2012 as well. However, you don’t just implement and EHR and then start your meaningful use attestation the week after you implement an EHR. In most cases, you need at least a couple months (more in the hospital case) after implementing an EHR to “get your feet under you” and be ready to concern yourself with the meaningful use requirements.

With this in mind, I expect these next 3 months will be critical for EHR vendors that want to fill their Fall EHR sales pipeline. EHR adoption will slow down a bit during summer when doctors head out on vacations. Then, Fall 2012 will start the rush of EHR adoption in order to meet meaningful use requirements in 2012.

Of course, it’s also likely that many doctors will procrastinate their EHR selection process. They’ll wait until Fall and then rush through EHR selection. I think this would be a real tragedy for EHR since selecting the right EHR is the mot important part of the EHR implementation.

Microwork: Will Smartphones Change the way Healthcare is Handled?

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Doctors are incredibly busy people.  Their day is filled with seeing patients, reading test results, and filling out paperwork.  EHR/EMR implementation is going a long way to help make their practice more efficient, but there is a new concept evolving that may change the way healthcare is handled.

Bradley Kreit of is where I first heard about microwork, a concept that involves breaking down complex processes into simple tasks that are distributed to other people who perform these tasks for a small fee.  This concept is not really developed in healthcare yet, but there is tremendous potential.

While clearly most people are not qualified to perform the tasks of a doctor, there are certain tasks that could be performed by other people.  In developed countries like the US it could help to cut costs and make things more efficient, but in less developed countries it could provide better health and well being.

Like so many things in mHealth the sky is really the limit for microwork.  It is still a relatively new concept, but with time it will be really interesting to see how it gets implemented to make healthcare more effective, and efficient.

Tom Johnson Discusses the CareAware iBus at DuBois Regional Medical Center

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Listen to Tom Johnson, CIO of DuBois Regional Medical Center discuss how his organization is planning to leverage its investment in the CareAware iBus platform to implement and manage additional solutions on top of the existing architecture.



Watch the video here.